An Ambassadorship is a non-binding, unofficial title that acknowledges your willingness to help spread the word about the studio at Cranberry Hill in return for exclusive offers. 


Before you decide to accept your Ambassadorship, I ask that you schedule 1 Free 1-hour Reiki & Sound Meditation session. This way you will have a sense of what I do. I will ask you to fill out a Client Wellness Form and Consent form at this meeting.


If after the Free 1-hour Reiki & Sound Meditation session you decide my services are not for you, no problem!


If you feel my services may be a good fit for you and we both decide to continue with your Ambassadorship, I ask your help in the following ways:


  • Sign up for my monthly newsletter. Just give me your email address and I can add you to my list. You may unsubscribe at any time.

  • Like my Facebook page here. Write a review (it does not have to be long) and rate my business honestly.

  • Refer your friends to me. Each person you refer may book a 1-hour session for a reduced rate of $20. This applies 1 time per person.

  • For each person you refer who books with me you receive $20 off a session, OR for every 3 people you refer who book you receive 1 free session. Just have your referral mention your name.

  • You are entitled for a reduced Reiki Training fee, or you may gift that price reduction to a friend. 


Contact me for Ambassadorship inquiries: